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Maria Victoria Henao is famous as a wife of Columbian narcoterrorist Pablo Escobar who was the richest man alive when he died. He was drug lord of that time who smuggled 90 percent of drugs to America. Maria Henao stayed by his side through thick and thin. Here we will unveil some unknown facts that you need to know about her life before and after the death of Pablo Escobar. Early Life: Maria was born in 1961 and she spent her childhood days in her native town. There is no information about her education and career. She met with Pablo by her brother who worked with Escobar when he was establishing her drug business on small scale. She was just 13 years old when she met Escobar. The duo felt vibes for each other and later decided to get hitched. Career: Returning to her career, there is no information about her profession but her husband was the wealthiest man in the world with the whopping amount of $4billion in the early 90s. Personal Life: Maria Henao and Pablo Escobar got married in 1976 against the will of her family as Maria’s father was not agreed for their marriage due to Pablo’s low status. Pablo was not established at that time. He started his small-scale business. The duo welcomed their first child when Maria was just 16 years old. Maria did not know about the drug business of her husband. She knew when Police tried to arrest him for his criminal activities. Pablo had also extramarital affairs with another man. Maria knew about his affairs but she remained tight-lipped. Pablo’s affairs with the Columbian journalist was well documented and well known at that time. He shot dead by Police when he ran off to rooftop in 1993. Family: Cocaine king was a family man and loves her kids too much. The duo has two children, son Sebastian and a daughter, Manuela. Her son is an architect and author who are living a low profile life. He changed his name to forge his identity when he comes to Argentina with his family. Maria’s daughter Manuela Escobar Pablo’s favorite. She made no public appearances after the death of her father, Pablo Escobar. She also changed her identity as her mother and brother. She has no social media accounts. Present life: Maria Victoria Henao faced a lot of troubles after the demise of her husband. She changed her name and lifestyle to forge her identity after the murder of Escobar. She lives middle-class life as the bank accounts were seized by the government of Columbia. Her new name is Maria Isabel Santos. She tried to take asylum but not even a single country allowed her. Eventually, she succeeded to get tour visa of Argentina and settle here. Currently, she lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and living a low profile life as business women. Conclusion: Maria Victoria Henao lived a lavish life when Pablo was alive as he was considered as riches man of the world. She is still living a comfortable life after the loss of Escobar but she is not seen in public.

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