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DJ Khaled was born in 1975 in New Orleans, the USA to Palestinian-American parents. He is a famous rapper and hip hop artist who is ruling on the music industry for a decade. He is also a renowned social media personality and won the heart of the millions. He started his career as a DJ and selling tapes in Miami. Now, he is one of the richest and most influential rappers and hip-hop artist in the world. His fans always want to know that what is DJ Khaled’s net worth in 2018. In this post, we will discuss how much is he worth in the year 2018. DJ Khaled’s Net Worth DJ Khaled was the part of the top 20 list of the richest hip-hop artist in the year 2014 with the whopping net worth of $10 million. His popularity was growing day by day at that time due to his music albums and his headphone deals. But in the year 2015, he couldn’t take place in the top 20 list of highest earns hip-hop artist by Forbes. The following year, he managed to pull in $15 million and got the #12 spot in the list. In 2016, He managed to get big deals from Zappos, T-Mobile, and Apple. In the year 2017, he secured the spot in the top 10 list of highest earning hip hop artist with a $24 million due to his six-figure salaries. He also got a contract from Mentos and champ sports. In the same year, only 8 hip-hop performers earned this status. DJ Khaled’s net worth is $20 million in the year 2018. Career: DJ Khaled got the utmost popularity over the last 5 years and of course, his wallet benefited for all as he is considered as the most prolific and persuasive hip-hop artist in the world. His latest album ‘grateful’ was released in 2017 that reached the #1 position on the billboard 200 charts. His album holds that rank for many weeks as it was his debut at #1. His other album ‘major key’ also got immense success. He started his career in the year 1995. He also collaborated with famous hip-hop artists in his music albums like Nas, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and more. He released his first album in 2006 but he got run of impressive success during 2013 to 2016. He reached the top spot in the world of music in a very short time and became one of the most prominent figures in the rapping and hip-hop industry. His current megastar status is all due to his social media influence as he is active on social media. He has also received the award of snapchatter of the year in 2016. Conclusion: DJ Khaled’s net worth makes him one of the wealthiest and biggest players of the hip-hop industry. He is in a relationship with Nicole Tuck and the duo has been engaged in 2016. They have also a child, Asahd Tuck Khaled. The successful story of DJ Khaled is an inspiration to millions of his aficionados and aspiring singers.  

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