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Dry Herb Vaporizers have become almost ubiquitous due to smokers becoming increasingly knowledgeable about the health risks involved with smoking tobacco.

To win a larger share of this consumer demand, vaporizer companies are spending millions on innovation intending to design and manufacture the most technologically advanced herbal vaporizers in the world.

As a result, there are now literally dozens of models available to purchase in the UK which can make choosing the right model for you quite confusing. To help make this choice easier, we decided to list the four high-tech features you should look for when choosing a dry herb vaporizer.

Does the vaporizer have a smartphone app?

The most popular dry herb vaporizers available on the market today come with the ability to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Once downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App store, vaporizer apps connect to your phone automatically and allow you to further customize your vaping experiences. Typical examples include changing LED settings and power settings. However, the greatest benefits of apps are the greater degree of temperature control they provide.

Out of the box, every single vaporizer has preset temperature settings. However, connecting your vape to your smartphone widens the choices and address a greater degree of personalization. For example, the Pax 3 app offers vaping modes where the user can choose between efficiency, stealth, boost and flavour. Another example is the Davinci IQ. This has a ‘smart path’ mode which allows users to create their own bespoke vaping journeys.

Does the herb vape have Hybrid Heating?

Vaporizer ovens are usually powered by either conduction or convection heating technology.

Conduction means to heat by touch. Despite being the more primitive of the two, conduction ovens are very quick and powerful. However, conduction can be liable to burn your vaping materials.

On the other hand, convection is far gentler as it heats your herbs more evenly. However, unfortunately, convection ovens take some time to heat up and the technology is still quite expensive.

Hybrid vaporizers such as The Crafty and the Mighty offer only the benefits of conduction and convection. As a result, hybrid vapes tend to offer better flavours and maximize the volume of vapour cloud production. This is why hybrid vaporizers such as the Crafty & the Mighty often top ‘best dry herb vaporizer lists’ on review websites such as the Green Society.

Does the vaporizer has a large battery capacity?

One of the most important components of a portable vaporizer is the battery. Generally, it is the battery that will dictate who powerful your vaporizer is, how long it takes to heat up and how many vaping sessions one charging cycle can provide.

Battery capacity is measured in Mili-Amps per hour – or mAh for short. Generally, the higher the number the better the vaporizer should perform. However, it is worth actually researching the physical heat-up time and the number of sessions provided by a single charging cycle as some vaporizer firmware utilizes batteries better than others despite having a smaller mAh.

At 5,200 mAh, The Mighty has the largest battery capacity of any dry herb vaporizer. However, anything around 2,200 – 3,000 mAh tends to provide even heavy vapers with a full days use before they need to be charged again.      

Priscilla Simpson