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Instagram is one of the best platforms when it comes to promoting a brand. And when there are influencers, promotion reaches its peak. Influencers can make your followers the loyal customers. According to a research, Instagram is highest rated interaction platform as well as an effective one as compared to others. This site is absolutely a right decision for the marketing campaign through an influencer. But it is important to have a good and passionate influencer otherwise you may not have the results you wished for. There are four important tips that should be used during hiring an influencer for your business.
  1. Business Goals to be remembered:
Before you search for the influencer with the reasonable engagement rates and large number of followers, make sure to think about your business goals and reason to have an influencer. There are three key points and goals that should be followed when choosing an influencer.
  • In order to increase the awareness of your brand.
  • To generate leads and sales.
  • In order to have more Instagram followers than before.
When you will have an increased number of Instagram followers, you will create more competitions of giveaways and quizzes with a particular hashtag. Your influencers should participate in all those competitions and encourage their followers to participate too. When it comes to generation of leads and sales, influencer is much needed so that there would be large number of audiences convinced to buy your brand’s products with their influencer discount codes. Another thing that matters is the personality of your influencer which should be according to the identity of your brand or maybe according to the products you sell. For example, for the promotion of travel gear, a traveler can be a suitable influencer. But if you hire a model who gives beauty tips, would be very unsuitable for the gear promotion and it will be a waste of time.
  1. Search for the Sincere Engagement:
One of the critical things is engagement when it comes to marketing of influencer on Instagram. In 2017, average rate for the engagement was 4.36 of Instagram’s influencers. If you have small number of followers then you might have highest engagement rates. There is a possibility of fake influencers a brand may have. If one has conversational and relatable comments on the post or tag their friends, this shows the real engagement.
  1. Explore and use Hashtags Associated to Your Brand:
Loyal customers would be the next influencer to advertise the brand. For this purpose, hashtags are quite helpful. Try to avoid the hashtags that are most used on Instagram.
  1. Use the platform of Influencer:
It would be beneficial if you use influencer marketing platform in order to find out the relevant influencer. Then use different parameters such as how many followers he/she contains or what type of followers are in the list and minor details about the work experience.    

Priscilla Simpson