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In the past 2-3 years, Instagram has become one of those high-ranking platforms of social media where high levels of promotion and marketing take place. The users of Instagram have a very high level of engagement where they are attracted towards visual-centric viral images and videos and getting the most amount of likes on pictures or views on videos is the new trend. If you want to increase views of a video you have just posted on Instagram, here’s how! Let’s get started with a few tips and tricks for getting the most amount of views!
  • Use Relevant and Trendy Hashtags
Your main focus must be on creating those videos on the trending and hot topics. To which you can then add relevant hashtags. If a topic goes viral and people start talking about it, it is bound to get a lot of searches regarding that topic. Searches on Instagram in the search bar are mostly done by typing out one word which is the most relevant and fitting to the topic. If you have included that word as a hashtag under your video, it will help you gain a lot of visibility on your post instantly. buy real instagram followers
  • Post ONLY at Peak Timings
It is very important to post videos during peak timings. The peak timings may differ depending on the availability of your audience. You must know during which timings your audience is active on Instagram. Since, in this case, as soon as you will post a video it will appear at the top of the feed and be right in front of your audience to see the video. This will help in increasing the views on your Instagram videos or it will also be the same in the case of any other posts you make during those time periods.
  • Use Vibrant Visuals
Some individuals divert their attention more towards the sound aspect of the video and less towards the visual aspects. But on Instagram, in order to start the sound of a video, it requires for it to be tapped on. So in that case, the main eye-catching element should also be present directly in front which generates curiosity and attention among the audience. An attention-grabbing visual may include using vibrant colors, logos, intriguing text on the video and so on. It must be kept in mind that firstly the audience gets captured by a captivating visual and then by its sound.
  • Include a Detailed Description
Another vital element to take into consideration is the use of a description of the video. Some individuals may be more interested in reading about something while scrolling instead of watching. Including a detailed description or a gist of the video in textual form can go a long way in helping to increase views. Since the description may end up convincing the users to watch the video if the user gets curious and wants to know more. So a description is a must!
  • Use the Best Dimensions on Your Videos
This element although may not seem as important but does have an impact when it comes to increasing the views. Some users have preferences regarding the dimensions of the videos they are watching hence this too does play a role in the grand scheme of things. So it is essential to opt for the right-sized video with the right dimensions to post. Instagram offers 3 types of dimensions when posting a video which includes; vertical, square, and, landscape size. The first two dimensions have known to generate more viewed in comparison to those posted in landscape.
  • Landscape has a dimension of 16:9 and 1280*720 aspect ratio
  • Square has 1:1 aspect ratio and 1080*1080 pixels for the size
  • Vertical has 9:16 aspect ratio and 1080*1920 proportion

Priscilla Simpson