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In our section of real estate experts we like to look for practical examples of professionals who successfully apply many of the tips we share in this real estate blog. That is why it is a pleasure to interview Usman Alam, Sky Marketing Islamabad manager. Your real estate company based in Benidorm is well known to the inhabitants of the area, among other things, thanks to its intense advertising campaigns. Something that as real estate marketing professionals is inspiring for the rest of the sector.

1.   Welcome to Inmogesco, Usman Alam. We thank you for the time you dedicate and the opportunity to learn about your experience as a real estate professional. You stand out above all for having focused your marketing efforts on positioning yourself as the leader of your market, Islamabad Why do you think the real estate agent specialization is key to stand out above the competitors?

For me it is a pleasure to share my experiences in these 20 years that I have been in real estate. To stand out above the competition I always repeat that the key is specialization, although in this sense, it must be total.Not only in terms of the area in which we develop our work as professionals, but offering different solutions to buyers and sellers, since both have different needs that we must treat differently.

2.   In addition, you have developed quite aggressive campaigns and actions, similar to those carried out in countries such as the United States. What do these countries have to contribute to communication in real estate terms?

I have to tell you that all or almost everything I have learned in these years comes from the United States, there are several years of advantage in terms of experience. There are great professionals in the real estate sector at the organizational and marketing level, and in fact, many of the large franchises that operate in our country come from there, such as the REMAX Real Estate or Century 21. It is true that today they also exist in our country excellent professionals of the sector who contribute new ideas and that help that what comes from the Anglo-Saxon world be at the same time of local application, because not everything that comes from there necessarily works in our country.

3.   Highlight your passion for the continuous training of the real estate agent. We know that every year you go to training conferences abroad. Why do you think training is vital to face the new times of the sector?

I believe that the training of the real estate agent is vital, but it has to be continuous training, since the market is changing rapidly today. Thanks to new technologies, it is no longer as complicated as it was years ago, since there are numerous online courses that we can go to without leaving the office. This continuous training guarantees that we offer the best service to our clients.

4.   Visual Home has a strong presence in social networks, in which you present yourself as “The King of Houses.” Do you consider that online channels are nowadays necessary to sell or do you understand them as an extension of your presence in physical media?

The market has changed and everything moves through social networks, if you are not there, you do not exist. Although of course I strongly agree not to forget the basics, as the Americans say, “go to the basics”, it tends to return to the basics, to fill in custom letters with a handwriting, to call one by one to your clients, etc. All this to differentiate you with an exclusive and very personal service. I think that the internet is an incredibly good help for our sector, in which I insist that the key in this sector is not housing, but people.

5.   Much of your communication insists on the advice of the agent to achieve customer satisfaction. Do you think that the paradigm shift that has caused the crisis in the sector has changed the deal with the client as viewed in private housing societies such as University Town Islamabad?

The crisis has forced us all to reinvent ourselves in every way. At the time we passed from an era in which everything was sold to another in which nothing was sold in a matter of months. To survive it has been necessary for all, agents, builders, media and other actors involved to seek a new way of approaching the consumer. This new way has passed through specialization, as I have commented previously. Specialization of clients, needs and continuous training to better help the consumer and the community.

6.   We especially like your YouTube videos “on the street”. You insist above all on the work of the real estate agent as a deep connoisseur of the market. What digital tools do you recommend to other real estate agents who want to take the pulse of the market?

My recommendation for all real estate agents is that they be authentic. The approach to the user in a natural way, without technicalities is the only way to win the trust of people, because in this business, without the trust of customers, we have nothing.

7.   The department of expert negotiators of Visual Home conducts studies of the demand and supply of homes to be able to offer the best price to the sellers, who thus do not burn in the tug of war with potential buyers. What inspired you for the creation of this service and what reception has it had among your audience?

Our idea was to rely on statistics, because our clients do not want their house to be in the market, they want their house to be sold. And for this, it is best to analyze the houses that have been sold, with real prices, and ensure that the price offered is based on reality, not on the illusion of a client or an agent that does not have the data in hand. Our mission is to help customers sell or buy a house quickly and safely, so we believe that a realistic price is the best way to close a deal.

8.   Your website has a blog designed to disseminate information about the sector among your readers. What would you recommend to a real estate agency that is considering renewing its online presence with a blog?

Our idea has always been to differentiate ourselves from the competition, so when we considered the creation of a new website for real estate agencies with a built-in blog, we were clear that we were not going to sell straw, but to offer data of interest to the audience that others did not offer portals, for example, the services of which the area in which the property is located is equipped. Thanks to Inmogesco for this interview and I hope I have contributed my grain of sand. We thank Juan Carlos Gallego for the opportunity to learn about how a successful business works and the practical application of many of the tips on  real estate sales  and real estate marketing in social networks that we share in this blog.

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