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If you didn’t already know, you are what you eat within the sleep world. With that said, a series of poor diet choices contribute to the disruption of your precious sleep and there are quite a number of different drinks and foods that you should aim to avoid. When you consume alcohol or even coffee along with cigarettes close to your bedtime, you’re actually stimulating your nervous system quite a lot and these tend to make you less sleepy. While messages are being transmitted between your body and your brain, caffeine significantly speeds up the process, reduces your levels of sleepiness and enhances performance. If you’re aiming for that perfect energized, alert feeling during the late afternoon, caffeine will work like a charm. However, it’s most likely the main factor in why you’re staying up later as well as why the quality of your sleep has dropped. Additionally, excessive quantities of alcohol can also cause drastic changes within your sleep cycle. When you experience these changes, you’re going to sleep a lot lighter and less restful than you normally do. Alcohol is known as being diuretic which means that it encourages your body to lose fluid. Due to this, you can also expect to be up several times for the night as you deal with excessive sweating, a need to consume large amounts of water and frequent bathroom breaks.

Jump, Hop and Skip Right to Sleep

If you didn’t know, exercising can aid with the duration and quality of sleep that you’re experiencing. As you sleep, your body increases the restorative stages during deep sleep. Deep sleep is very important and it goes on to support your immune functions while it controls anxiety and stress; deep sleep also significantly boosts your overall cardiac health. Additionally, exercise works wonders for your mental health, your physical health and it even promotes a better night’s rest. Significant research also indicates that when your body experiences an increase in temperature, you’re going to feel more awake; however, as you cool down, you will begin to feel much more tired. Hence, you’re going to be able to sleep better. When you exercise, both stress and anxiety reduce due to the increased levels of endorphins present.

Sweet Dreams are made of this

The space in which you sleep also contributes to the quality of your sleep. As such, noise, light, temperature and various other environmental factors disrupt your cycle. When it’s closer to your desired sleeping time, it’s best to have a cooler space to aid with sleeping. For those who prefer the hardcore approach, it’s advised that you have a cold shower before bed. Additionally, it’s also great to ensure that there are no bright lights or noises coming from your TV as you try to fall asleep. The blue light from your phone or laptop is a huge no if you’re intending to get a good night’s rest. Orange or close to a combo with red is perfect since it mimics the setting sun. If you’re trying to sleep, you should be in a completely relaxed environment. So, if your messy bedroom causes some extra stress, it’s time to tidy things up. Another important factor is the bed that you’re sleeping on. Your bed should be comfortable and if it’s not, it just might be time to purchase a new mattress to improve your night’s rest. Take a look at these loft bed reviews for a fantastic way to create more space. If you have a comfortable spot and you’re still having trouble sleeping, it just might be time to invest in an induction mat. These can be considered as being a bed of plastic nails that you lie on before bedtime. In essence, these nails act as acupressure nodules and release the endorphins which aid with sleeping.  

Wind down and get rid of the tech

  As you’re relaxing and winding down, it’s important to find the perfect way that suits you. Some prefer to meditate, while others take a bath or even read a book. However, it’s a great idea to turn the lights down at least an hour before it’s bedtime because it allows your mind to slow down and relax. So, be sure to avoid anything which creates blue light since they decrease the melatonin production within your body.

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

If you’re experiencing a series of erratic patterns in your sleep, you’re most likely out of sync with your sleeping patterns. So, be sure to practice sleeping at a regular time in order to control your internal clock. With that said, there will always be times that you’re going to need to put in long hours, however, try to follow a similar sleep time even on weekends so you can stay on track. If at any point this becomes difficult, adjust your time in 15-minute increments every few days until you reach your desired bedtime.

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