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There is no Real Estate Agent More Annoying than the Ingenious Agent.

Many nonsense have been written about how to deal with objections in the sale of Real Estate. Techniques that sound very good on paper, but that in a sales situation do not seem so clear. Sometimes it seems that having to refute an objection means having to give the sale for loss. The fault of everything, let me tell you loud and clear, they have those closing techniques that are taught in most real estate management courses. What they really teach is that the real estate seller objects to the client’s objection. This is the classic, obsolete and ineffective approach to the treatment of objections. It saddens me to find a course on online real estate sales that promises the following: “The 12 techniques to refute objections”; Does your customer resist buying? Do not worry: with our collection of techniques to combat objections, you will surely find a way to convince him. As you will see, there are many ways to prevent these barriers from frustrating your sale. For them! …. ” With this approach few properties will be sold. Many real estate agents do not know how to refute objections, because they have not been taught to analyze why an objection appears in a purchase situation and what the client’s mental state is when he objects. Because I receive many questions on this subject, I have decided to dedicate several consecutive articles in this blog to inform how objections should be dealt effectively to the sale of real estate.

Real Estate Sale. Objections Come with the Territory.

Objection is part of the purchase process; No of sale. Who buys should object to himself ( in his way of understanding or digesting the information that you have provided) , to convince himself that he is making the best decision. That you have understood the value of buying your property for him / her. Pretending that a client does not object during the negotiation process is like asking a cat not to meow. The best way to refute the objections is to predict what objections your clients can put, ( which means knowing the characteristics and benefits of the property very well like if you are trying to deal with house for sale in Islamabad you should concentrate on finding all the amenities, features and advantages of the area) , and preparing the answers to these objections “on paper”. What does most real estate agents do? Improvise. Give some answers in content, tone of voice and body language that have not been matured before. Outcome? Not only does it not sell, but a customer is lost, because in addition to responding in the wrong way, sometimes they end up answering nonsense. The other day we talked about how fundamental credibility is in the sale of real estate. Well, there is nothing worse than wrongly answering an objection to lose the credibility that has been gained so far. “Another aspect to keep in mind when refuting objections is that, doing it right, is like driving a car. You need practice. At first it seems complicated, but the longer we are behind the wheel, the easier it is and there comes a time to drive it becomes automatic. “

Real Estate Sale. The RPGs

This is how you learn to refute objections. It is really how you learn that only certain objections appear. The client-agent role plays that are practiced in the office, which are rehearsed as part of the training, is what will make you naturally answer any objections made by the client. Nothing like answering an objection naturally and in the right tone. And also, give an intelligent answer to that objection. After all, how many different objections can a customer have when buying a home? Forty different objections? I think it all comes down to 6 or 7 objections. Can’t these 6-7 possible objections be prepared beforehand, looking for a “bright” and “smart” answer for each of them? Of course. The problem is that time must be invested in this exercise and it seems that few real estate agents are at work. It is more comfortable to improvise but much less effective. Do you know what the real meaning of an objection is? It means “I don’t want you to sell me that way.” To accept this reality you need a change of attitude regarding the sale of real estate. A change of aptitude accepting that objections are part of the purchase process and when they do not appear in the purchase process will not come to fruition. Real Estate Sale: When a does not mean “NO”. Objections to sales are direction indicators. They are telling you that the customer is interested in your property. The first thing you have to think about is that the client is not interested in the house or apartment itself; but what he can do for him, e.g Park View villas offers site visit to its client to accommodate them . Therefore, the real estate agent who is determined to sell what the property is, (its characteristics) , will not sell. But the seller who sells what the product can do,   (its benefits ), will sell. “The objections tell you that you are going in the right direction . If the customer makes objections, (many of them are questions with covert objections), there are possibilities of purchase; not of sale. If they do not appear, the problem is that you have not known build trust in your client so that he makes the objections that come with the purchase process. “ In most cases these objections are formulated in the form of questions not directly as objections. If you know how to listen, then you will recognize the objection and you will be able to refute it with your response. Saying “I’m not interested” (or something similar), in a certain tone, is not an objection; It is simply NO. The NO appears when the client is convinced that the property you show him is not what he is looking for or when you do not inspire confidence . Clients know what kind of property they don’t want, but they don’t know what kind of property they want. The publicity with your photos, description and price attracts certain types of customers and when they visit the property they know immediately whether or not they are the one they are looking for. You would avoid showing many properties knowing how to ask several intelligent questions in the first contact you have with the client. A mistake that costs you time and money in the sale of real estate is to believe that everyone who asks for information is a potential customer. Real Estate Sale. Why do objections appear? Why do customers object? Objections expressed by a client can be included in one of these 5 reasons : 1.- For fear of giving in to the influence of the real estate agent, that is, as self-defense. 2.- To give importance, which is synonymous with being competent , technical, or difficult negotiator. Generally this attitude is adopted to show you that it is not easy to sell them a property. 3.- For more information. Instead of asking a direct question, ask an objection to check your reaction. 4.- Not to hurt your feelings. He knows that the property is not what he is looking for and does not want to tell you openly. Therefore throw an objection. 5.- Because the arguments of the real estate agent does not convince him. You know, the best way to refute objections is to prepare the answers to those objections beforehand and aim to know if the property you are showing is a good option to the one you are looking for. If it isn’t, perfect, you already know something else. If it is, having prepared the answers to the objections and the questions to know those objections, is what will get you to complete the sale. Please share this post with your colleagues and leave us a comment. Apart from the price, what is the objection you have heard most in the sale of real estate? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.

Priscilla Simpson