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People especially the young adults love to stream YouTube for some of the best video content; therefore, now is the high time that some of the most watched videos on the YouTube should be revamped to further step their game. Some of the very renown artists’ work will be included in this whole revamping process, such as of the Lady Gaga and The Beastie Boys, who have provided some remarkable work over the years for their fans, making themselves a big hit among the people. Insight by the YouTube Officials In one of the statements released by the YouTube, the viewers were told about its partnership with the Universal Music through which they will be updating the quality of both the audio and visuals of the top 1000 most watched videos till date. The videos will be of the unbeatable quality standards, to double their worth in the viewer’s mind and perception. Nowadays, the project is in its initial stage, starting off with the remodeling of the 100 most watched videos, and by the end of the year 2020, almost 1000 of the videos will be done successfully. Why the Revamp? Initially, the videos uploaded on YouTube were made to be watched on the traditional screens and speakers, but as the technology has improved drastically, these sources of the display have been upgraded tremendously too in terms of HD screens and the high beat speakers. To match the quality of the highly advanced technology, this initiative has been taken so these videos can be watched and listened to on any screens, such as the television, phones and tablets. All of the top 1000 videos will be re-uploaded on the YouTube, however, the number of views, subscribers and likes will not be compromised, and they will stay the same. Moreover, the upgraded videos will be uploaded again under the very same URL to save the potential viewers some time and energy. Influence on the Users The social media followers are no doubt technology savvy, they are always keeping tabs on what is happening in the world, such as about the latest music albums, videos and movies with the help of social media they use and the celebrities or official channels they follow. The main aim of this partnership with the Universal Music is to make sure that the users have an improved access to their favourite video content because of their support, the videos have been able to secure a place in the top 1000 most watched videos on YouTube out of the millions of other available on the site or the application. The upgrade will attract new viewers to the website, which will automatically increase the views, further making them a hit on the most watched videos list. This whole partnership will proved to be of great benefit for both the YouTube and the Universal Music, along with the religious viewers as they will be able to enjoy the better quality content that too for free.  

Priscilla Simpson