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As big data continues to explode, many more businesses are needing to make a choice: partner using a colocation provider or go it on their own, construction and operating their own information centre. For many companies, this may be an intimidating undertaking. And the benefits of colocation include carrying a great deal of burden off the centers. However, according to a new white paper from Server Tech, this may often also”leave the IT side of the house bearing the brunt of the responsibility for maintaining bandwidth of critical infrastructure while concurrently minimizing OPEX.” So what is the best choice for your business? The report weighs this query in detail — and there is no answer, as data centers are some of the facilities. In reality, for building a data center that is hyperscale costs can run to the billions — not a cost enterprises are ready to shoulder. That said there continue to be enterprises that are currently choosing this route, Server Technology pointed out in the report. These companies”flying ,” Server Technology said, are largely those for which IT is a profit centre rather than a cost center. Building your data center can also provide more flexibility in a way of controlling expenses versus facilities that are server colocation occupying or utilizing cloud infrastructure that is public. However there are two sides to this coin. The report also investigates the option: choosing to put your data centre assets in a colocation facility. This can be a sensible step for several IT-centric and”IT-reliant” companies. Colocation’s advantages include the fact that the money that companies might have been spent constructing their own data center can instead be focused on elements of running and growing their companies. Today’s colocation suppliers are likely to also have access to bandwidth and potentially more interconnect, infrastructure and redundancy than individual enterprises are eager to invest in. server colocation “A business that chooses to build its own data center has to have the plan, the eyesight, and the fortitude to determine structure through to end of the building and all the systems before the first dollar of return on investment (ROI) is seen.” — Server Tech Colocation providers also provide services that as Server Tech put it, extends beyond the”white space” they market. The report summarizes some of the charges and services, including electricity, infrastructure updates, remote hands support, equipment cleaning and much more, as well as tips to get the most from your partnership with a colocation provider. After introducing both sides into the dialogue, Server Tech provides the next actions and considerations for employers whether they plan to”go colo” or”fly solo.” Things to Take into Account in a Colocation Service Provider There are naturally many determining factors when looking at which colocation service provider is the ideal match for your company. The list is everything worth. However, by keeping these questions in your mind, you can ensure you narrow your selection down to those providers best suited to the requirements of your company.


Can the monthly price of colocation providers fit within your organization’s budget? Would switching for the supplier for colocation providers reduce your annual tech budget at a substantial way?

Are additional fees hidden in your contract which will add up over time?

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  • Is onsite staff accessible 24/7?
  • Can this staff available to help in emergencies or for another fee?
  • Can they offer you custom solutions acceptable for your company’s requirements?


Can the provider have expertise hosting with companies of your size? How long are they providing colocation services? Does their network provide constant uptime? Once you’ve found a supplier you anticipate, the upcoming steps are simple. After signing the contracts, then transferring your servers to the facility of the provider, and connecting up everything, your colocated community will likely be up and running in no time. But maybe now you learn more about colocation and how it works, you’ve begun to question if it is actually the correct solution for your business’s needs. That’s understandable. Solution and your servers are important. Determining which choice is the best fit shouldn’t be rushed and can be challenging.

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Hivelocity emblem on an image of a guy walking down a hallway flanked by host cages At Hivelocity, we pride ourselves on offering a multitude of customizable options to our customers’ information demands. We’ve got a variety of services that are fully-customizable and pre-packaged out there. The solution to your tech needs is simply a telephone call away!

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