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Hassan II Mosque
Morocco has several top-notch places where tourists can do a lot of things to make their trip memorable. What about Casablanca? Does Casablanca have anything special to offer the tourists? Casablanca is a city where tourists land first when they come to Morocco. But most people go to the other cities like Fez and Marrakech thinking that nothing is interesting to see in Casablanca. It is true that one cannot expect a variety of experiences that the other places have in store for the visitors. But the glorious city Casablanca has various places that are worth visiting. Casablanca is the real Morocco of today: Before you plan your trip to Casablanca, it is essential to state that it may not be as evocative and atmospheric as other cities of Morocco. It is a commercial hub and the famous port in the region. Masses from all over the world come to Casablanca to seek their fortune. It wouldn’t be wrong saying that Casablanca is the heart of Morocco. You will find a lot of interesting and exciting things to do in Casablanca as it has the beautiful French colonial architecture that mesmerizes the visitors. The tourists can see the real Morocco while walking in the streets of the old medina. There are grand old hotels to stay in. So, your visit to Casablanca will not be boring at all. Explore the hidden paradise: Did you know that Casablanca is not tourists’ favorite place? It is a fact that there is nothing much to see, but it does not mean that tourists should skip it. In fact, there are a few things the tourists would love after visiting. Casablanca is a city full of magnificent architecture and history. So, instead of bypassing Casablanca stay for a few days in the city to explore the hidden paradise.
  • Largest Mosque in the World:
Start your trip with visiting the 2nd largest mosque in the world “Hassan II.” Almost 6000 traditional Moroccan artisans spent six years on building this magnificent mosque. The interior of the mosque is marvelous. The best part is that respectably dressed non-Muslims can also visit the mosque on guided tours.
  • A great place to explore on foot:
You want to spend a day wandering in the local streets of Casablanca, then old medina is the best place. It represents the oldest surviving part of the city. The old medina is a great place to walk on foot. You will see people selling handmade clothes and crafts. You will see people selling meat, fish, and spices in the streets of the old medina. If you want to buy something as a souvenir, then old medina is the best place. It is necessary to discuss here that old medina these days is not as atmospheric as the medieval medinas still you will get a sneak-peak of the lives of locals.
  • The black pool of Morocco:
The Corniche is a place where you can find hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and theaters, etc. It is also called the black pool in Morocco. If you have booked a room in the hotel near the Corniche, then go for a jog as it is a scenic place. The sunset at the Corniche is often spectacular. You will see street performers as well at the Corniche.
  • A pleasant spot to spend a weekend:
Do you know that Ain Diab is a place known as the beach were rich come to swim? It is a luxury seaside community near Casablanca where people come to spend a weekend or mini holidays. It is a beach that remains crowded in the summer as you can’t swim in winters. There are hotels and resorts so that you can enjoy your stay at Ain Diab to the fullest. Though people come to spend good time at Ain Diab in the daylight, the actual activity begins at night. You are planning to visit Casablanca, then don’t forget to visit Ain Diab beach. Bottom line: These are only a few places that I have discussed here. Casablanca has numerous places that are worth visiting. For example, there are several museums that tell you about the old Morocco and its culture. You can visit Casablanca twin center that is actually the best spot from where you can see the entire city. Cathedral Sacre Coeur is the architectural masterpiece in Casablanca. It is designed by the French architect and was built in 1930. King palace is an Islamic architectural masterpiece surrounded by fragrant orange groves. In short, Casablanca is not a city the tourists should ignore when they come to Morocco. If you don’t expect much from the city, you will enjoy exploring it. There is a lot in the town that can make your trip enjoyable and memorable too. So, do come to visit Casablanca the financial hub of Morocco.          

Priscilla Simpson