The Best Real Estate Apps In 2020

Investing in real estate can be a smart investment move, but no one can deny that buying, selling, and other real estate transactions can be confusing and overwhelming. For this reason, sellers, buyers, and real estate investors turn to the best real estate apps to make the processes manageable. 

Real estate apps are applications designed to make property transactions easier. These applications were made to make it convenient and easy for sellers, buyers, realtors, and investors to find each other quickly. 

The following are the best real estate apps in 2020 readily available to be used by investors, buyers, and sellers of real estate properties: 

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This is undeniably one of the best real estate apps in 2020 for good reasons. This app can tell users about previous sale prices, estimated home values, and estimates of real estate properties, particularly in the US. For the homeowners, they can even create accounts that they can use in tracking the estimated value of their home over time. This app can also be used to get insights to possible prices if the homeowner decides to move. They can use this real estate app for homebuyers in viewing prices based on location and provide search options for a potential next home. 


This can function as a brokerage firm and an app at the same time. RedFin is an excellent and functional app that can provide estimated values of the home. One of the great features of this application that prove to be advantageous to active home searchers and buyers is filtering upcoming open houses. This app also gives you insights into what residential properties are like in your locality and what you can actually expect to get for the money you pay. 


This is also one of the best real estate apps in 2020, specially designed for real estate investors. This app can be best used for bigger properties and exclusively for commercial property investors. LoopNet is also great for tenants, owners, and brokers. 

These are the best real estate apps in 2020, packed with excellent features that make real estate processes and transactions a lot easier. These applications also deliver an array of real estate services on the go. You can use these apps when searching for real estate properties, finding realtors, checking on previous and current prices, finding realtors and more.  

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